Over the next six months, women from across the RV industry will take an RV from drab to fab using some of the best RV accessories and RV products on the market today. The project, created and executed by the RV Women’s Alliance, is taking place at the RV Technical Institute, the industry’s leading training center located in the heart of Elkhart, Ind.

“The Drab to Fab project is going to unite our membership and industry around a shared goal, inspire women to get out of their comfort zone and literally break down walls, recruit new women into the RV industry, and develop new skills in project volunteers,” said RV Women’s Alliance President Susan Carpenter. “Our first week of demo was so fun! Everyone who participated came away with not only a sense of accomplishment but also excitement for the transformation that will take place over the next six months.”

“The support from the RV industry so far has been unbelievable,” said RV Women’s Alliance Vice President Jordyn Foos. “From product sponsors and team sponsors to our Gold Sponsor Airxcel and Sliver Sponsor Patrick Industries, this support is going to allow us to redesign and rebuild this RV into a travel trailer everyone will want.”

The complete renovation and redesign will be accomplished by female RV Women’s Alliance members during select Wednesdays and Saturdays through February 2021. All female members of the RV Women’s Alliance are encouraged to sign up to participate in one of the builds.

On March 3, 2021, the finished RV will be unveiled at a VIP Reveal Event taking place at the RV Hall of Fame. The fully renovated and redesigned RV will be raffled off to one lucky winner.

To learn more about the Drab to Fab Renovation Project, click here.

Article Courtesy of: https://www.rvia.org/news-insights/rv-womens-alliance-kicks-drab-fab-rv-renovation-project