You’ve been wanting to take an exciting, extended weekend trip for a long time now, and you’re finally ready to book your adventures, rent your RV, and start preparing to hit the road. By now, you know most of the facts: how many people you’re going with, what your goals for the trip are, and where you’ll be visiting — but how should you get there?

If you want to make the most of your travels in the short time you have and get the most value for your money, a Class C may very well be your perfect weekend RV rental.

Why a Class C RV rental?

Because you’re going on a weekend trip, you want to make sure you maximize your flexibility in all ways — and no other RV does that like a Class C. Since they’re much closer in size and driveability to larger vehicles like vans and trucks, you won’t have to spend much extra time learning how to drive it and feel at ease behind the wheel, making getting to your destination(s) a breeze. Additionally, with sleeping capacities accommodating anywhere from five to eight people in our available units, Travelcamp has a Class C RV rental to match a variety of getaway needs: small bachelor and bachelorette parties, family road trips, a romantic anniversary, college roommate reunions, and more. 


On shorter weekend trips, every moment of travel counts, so why not make it comfortable — both when you’re behind the wheel and as a home away from home?

  • Maneuverability and control behind the wheel in Class C RVs are exceptional in comparison to others, and without anything to tow, snack breaks, turnarounds, and fill-ups are a lot easier and quicker. 
  • With a bed above the cabin and innovative ways of modifying the living space into cozy sleep arrangements, Class C RV rentals are efficient for several-night stays.


There’s no doubt you’re already excited about where you’re planning on going, but in order to enjoy it all to the fullest, you’ve got to get there safely first. 

  • Feeling steady and secure behind the wheel is important, even more so when you’re anticipating the fun ahead and the mood might already be a bit more relaxed. With a cab separate from the rest of the living area, a Class C RV rental allows you to more quietly focus on one of the key aspects of your weekend: the road. 
  • Built similarly to those in vans, Class C engines absorb impacts extremely well in case of an accident. While that shouldn’t be a constant fear, it’s a natural benefit of choosing one as your weekend RV rental — especially if you’re planning to travel on a busy holiday weekend or to particularly popular sites. 


When you’re only going away for a long weekend, making the most out of your trip goes beyond just considering what you want to do and into what you want to spend. 

  • As one of the most affordable and flexible options out there, Class C RV rentals are definitely the most cost-effective for a mini-vacation.  With a daily cost similar to an overnight stay at a hotel, likely split with the rest of your travel crew, there’s no denying you get your money’s worth. If rental costs are lower, you’ll be able to spend that extra money on fun excursions, great food, or that silly souvenir for your Dad. 


No matter where you’re planning on going, choosing a Class C as your weekend RV rental means you’re ready to have fun and find a little free-spirited spontaneity along the way.

  • Their compact size means you can explore and stay with much more versatility than you might be able to in a larger vehicle, making that off-the-beaten-path campground or park sound a lot more fun to check out. 
  • Featuring sturdy awnings, crisp outdoor speakers, and propane grill hookups, the Class C makes it easy to get situated wherever you are for the evening with your group and enjoy what the trip has really been all about: each other. 

Even though you have options, why not choose the one that will make your weekend trip the best it can be? Whether you’re bringing all of your kids to your family reunion further west, going to a nearby city for a Friendsgiving, or doing something equally exciting, there is undoubtedly a perfect Class C RV rental for you. 

With nine locations across the southeast, we strive to bring the best on the market to you at Travelcamp. Take a look at the many Class C RVs we offer and decide which model and floorplan is best for your weekend away — and let us help it exceed your expectations.