There’s nothing quite like a classic, fun-filled road trip to explore our beautiful country on wheels, especially with summer right around the corner. If you’ve been itching to get out and about, why not invite the whole family and some friends along for the ride to share your sense of adventure?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new RV and create a long-lasting travel tradition with your loved ones or just wanting to test the waters with a quality rental, Travelcamp RV has got you covered. We share your passion for the outdoors and aim to provide a feel-good experience that leaves you feeling prepared and excited for your trip. 

Though there are many options when renting an RV, it’s no doubt that a Class A RV rental takes the cake when it comes to making memories that last a lifetime — and having more fun than you ever imagined.

What’s Unique About a Class A RV Rental?

Travelcamp RV understands you want to be comfortable and confident when traveling with the people you love. This makes choosing an RV that fits your travel needs very important, as we want to make sure you are set up for a safe and successful journey. Note some of the distinguishing features of Class A RVs:

  • They are the largest kind of motorhome and look similar to tour buses in shape and size — with similar power.
  • Unlike other classes, Class A RV cockpits are attached to the rest of the living area so drivers aren’t isolated.
  • Many Class A RVs have one or more slide outs, which can double or triple the available space for your group. 
  • Because of the size and shape, the ride is often a lot smoother and more comfortable. 

What More Does a Class A RV Rental Provide?

The perks of renting a Class A RV can be summed up simply: you get so much more in so many different ways. When it comes down to exceptional value for your money and a complete “wow” experience, Travelcamp Class A RVs can’t be beaten. 

More Space

  • With a front cabin — known as the “doghouse” — that doubles as a hangout space and usually has a second table, you can effectively utilize all the space you pay for.
  • Because most Class A RVs are over 34 feet long and have at least one slide out, everyone can find somewhere to relax or work. 
  • Underbelly storage and plenty of cabinet space inside means each person has a place to comfortably put their things while exploring the country.

More Features

  •   Automatic leveling is one of those things you appreciate even more when you know what the alternative is like — and all Class A RV rentals are equipped with this system to keep you safe and steady no matter where you park.
  • Better visibility makes a big difference when on the open road, and with the expansive front windows of a Class A rig, you can be certain you’ll see what’s coming from all directions.
  • An ultra-powerful onboard generator means you can run your air conditioning or heating system and microwave without any worry of draining the battery. 

More Strength

  • Some Class A RVs weigh up to 30,000 pounds, which means it needs an incredibly strong chassis to give you enough torque to adventure wherever your wheels can take you. 
  • Durably built for four seasonsmany motorhomes of this size are insulated to sustain fairly intense weather, expanding your potential travel times throughout the year.
  • If you decide on a Class A RV rental with a diesel engine, you can get more miles out of your tank than if it were gas, as diesel contains around 15% more energy.  

More Memories

  • With enough room to sleep around 10 family members and friends, you can make sure Uncle Bob and his wild jokes make it on the trip without sacrificing comfort.
  • Renting a Class A RV for your bachelor or bachelorette weekend, to see a music festival or sporting event with friends, or for your family reunion will undoubtedly make it a uniquely memorable experience.

Travelcamp RV knows it’s the little things that make the biggest differences — which is why we aim to create a seamless customer service experience from the minute you arrive until the second you ride away with your memory-making mobile. At every one of our locations across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, our purpose is the same: to help more families make great memories through the outdoors.

Ready to rent a Class A RV for your next big adventure? Take a peek at this video walkthrough tour and explore one of our spacious, road-trip-worthy rental choices for yourself. No matter where you want to go, Travelcamp RV can help make your next trip unforgettable.