The holidays are never a good time to travel, at least not by plane. Those ticket prices seem to
skyrocket as soon as you think about going somewhere for Thanksgiving, not to mention the
increased rates for hotels and other accommodations. Overall, traveling for the holidays is just a
headache. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a cheaper and more exciting way to travel this
Thanksgiving: RVs. Here’s why you should rent one this holiday season.

Cost Savings

Let’s start with the biggest factor for any trip: money. At a glance, RVs may seem more
expensive than accommodations like hotels, but this is a big misconception. Yes, buying an RV
will cost a pretty penny, but RV rentals are much cheaper. Depending on where you go, what
kind of RV you rent, and how long you’ll be gone, renting an RV can be less expensive or equal
to the cost of a hotel. The experience, however, is worth it all.
There’s also more you can do in an RV that helps lessen overall costs. Even the smallest RVs
come outfitted with kitchens and storage space, such as the 2023 Coachmen Apex 191RBS and
2022 Forest River No Boundaries 19.3. Your average hotel suite does not have a kitchen, and the
storage is less than desirable. Staying in a hotel means you have to spend additional money on
meals, but you can just bring food and cooking supplies from home when traveling in an RV.

More Space

That brings us to our next point: space. You tend to have a lot more room in an RV to sit, lounge,
and store items than you would in the average car. Motorhome RVs, like the 2023 Thor Motor
Coach A.C.E 29D, offer you the most comfort and space during your travels and tend to be
easier to drive than other RV styles. They provide you with luxury living and enough space to sit
and relax while traveling. It will be a much roomier trip than having to drive to your
Thanksgiving celebration by car. If you are bringing the whole family and your pets, we
recommend renting an RV that can sleep at least seven or eight.
In addition to leg room and ease of movement, RVs offer much more storage space than the
average car. RVs like Thor Motor Coaches have more space than you will know what to do with.
If you are planning on going somewhere a bit more rugged for Thanksgiving, the storage space
on RVs like motorhomes and toy haulers could definitely come in handy. The unique thing about
toy haulers is that they have a “garage” at the rear where you can store your dirt bikes, ATVs, and
other gadgets. This space can also be converted to a sitting or sleeping area when necessary.

An Unforgettable Experience

The experience of renting an RV is worth the time and money spent. Just think of the last time
you stayed in a hotel. Was it all you ever dreamed of, or was it just a bland, average hotel stay?

While traveling is more about what you did versus where you stayed, accommodations are still

RVs are like a hotel on wheels and way more fun! There are so many RV options out there. You
can choose a motorhome, a travel trailer, a camper RV, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and more. No
RV is exactly like the rest, and you can decide what will be best for you and your family. RVs
also let you experience your Thanksgiving how you want. There’s space for your whole family,
and you can camp in the great outdoors and just spend time together in some of the most
beautiful places in the country.

You won’t be sleeping in some boring, run-of-the-mill hotel either. With an RV, you can go
anywhere you want with almost no limitations!

Give Thanks With Travelcamp

This Thanksgiving, be thankful that you have many options for travel and lodging. You can
explore your RV rental options here and connect with RV experts who can show you the best
choices for you and your family. There is where you can avoid all the muss and fuss of the
boring hotel experience and choose adventure instead with the impressive RV offerings from