Over the summer, RV rentals took off.

As one of the only ways to vacation safely while maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, people were packing up and hitting the open road.

And now, a new fall trend is emerging with parents deciding to take a rare opportunity to see the world firsthand while working and schooling remotely.

“The pandemic affected us completely,” Amber Mamian, an Orange County mother of five, said.

Mamian, a travel writer, said her family decided to rent an RV through Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales and test it out for the first time.

“With five people in a house, and a lot of monotony and the same kind of routine going on, we really wanted to get out and go and explore, but so do safely,” she said.

And despite being on the road, Mamian says they have not missed a beat with school work or deadlines, connecting to WiFi at RV parks.

“We were able to work and everybody on computers,” she said. “And so the kids were able to do their schooling in the morning, and then the rest of the day you could go out and explore wherever you’re at.”

And it’s not just Mamian and her family who are getting out this season.

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Article Courtesy of: https://www.rvia.org/news-insights/rv-rentals-increase-families-continue-work-school-home