An RV is often called a “home away from home” or a “home on wheels.” With that in mind,  why not make your RV look and feel more like your home? 

If you’re spending a lot of time in an RV, make it cozy and inviting with simple touches and projects that will make it that much more fun to live in. Let’s look at some DIY RV projects that will make your RV feel more like home.

DIY RV Bedding Makeover

Lots of RVs come with mattresses and sometimes standard bedspreads and pillows as well. While it’s definitely a nice touch to have these things included in your RV, the standard might not meet your standards. Instead, you can buy a mattress pad to make the mattress a more comfortable fit for your body. You might even consider buying a whole new mattress, but buying a mattress pad to place on top of your mattress is the easier and cheaper option. 

Take it a step further and really make your bed your own by decorating it with a bedspread that matches your style and personality. Go crazy with pillows and blankets that make you feel comfortable and at home.

Fun Outdoor Gear

A home isn’t complete without an outdoor space to relax in and enjoy. An RV lets you create an outdoor space from scratch — with incredible natural backdrops. One way to amp up your RV personalization game is by looking for the right outdoor RV accessories

Accessories like power awnings with lighting give you protection from the elements while relaxing outdoors. And a grill or portable fire pit can elevate your outdoor space on those especially chilly nights. Be sure to pack outdoor games like cornhole and lawn darts to tie everything together. 

DIY RV Kitchen Facelift

Having a kitchen space in your RV can make a world of difference. Since most RV kitchens are one-size-fits-all, there isn’t much in the way of personal customization aside from a complete renovation. But while renovating your RV kitchen is always an option, it can be pretty expensive. Instead, try buying stick-on backsplash tiles so that your kitchen can better match your style. You can even makeover your countertops and cabinetry with the same concept. 

Fixing Up Ugly Floors

It can be an expensive challenge to renovate your RV’s floors, but it doesn’t have to be. There are cheap ways to make your RV’s floors look the way you want. Like in the kitchen, you can find stick-on alternatives to make your floors look beautiful and stylish. You can opt for geometric shapes or even something that looks like hardwood flooring. Whatever your style is, you can also play it up by adding an area rug in the living area.

DIY RV Lighting

The lighting in your RV undoubtedly does the job well enough, but why not have lighting that makes you feel comfortable and fits your mood? If you can change your RV’s light fixtures, go for it. You can start simple by switching to LED bulbs with different moods/features or go even further by installing a mini chandelier in the living area. 

Choose something that works well with your space while also giving your RV character and style. Lighting doesn’t even have to mean electrical, as you can add modern shades and curtains to your windows to control and accentuate the natural light coming in. 

Decor, Decor, Decor

Possibly the easiest DIY RV projects that will have the biggest impact on the personalization of your RV will be the decorations you choose. Decorations can be anything from decorative couch pillows to a framed picture of your family on the wall — it can be anything you want it to be. 

Decorate your walls with pictures and art that reflect your home, family, and personality. Place knickknacks around the living spaces to boost your RV’s character. Your decorations can even be practical in utility, like shelves with woven baskets for storage. 

If you have your kids with you, encourage them to decorate their own spaces so that they feel more at home. Decorating your RV has no limits and is something that can bring the whole family together.

Personalized RV Living

DIY RV projects can be as fun as adding decorative touches or as practical as preserving gas mileage and budgeting. Owning an RV is an adventure in and of itself, so know that, no matter how you choose to personalize your RV, what matters most is the memories you make with it.