There’s nothing quite like having a home on wheels to take across the country or just to take on a small weekend getaway to your favorite camping spot outside of the city. Regardless of your situation, you’re going to have to decide on what type of RV is right for you, your family, and what your trip demands. 

When you’re going to rent an RV, though, you’ll have a number of options, sizes, and styles to choose from. What we’re going to talk about here isn’t about your choice of specific brands or models, but the style of RV: towable versus driveable. 

We’ll show you the different benefits and disadvantages of choosing to rent a towable or driveable RV.

Towable RVs

To start, towable RVs are trailers that are hitched to an SUV or pickup truck. They’re called trailers because they trail behind your vehicle. Renting a towable RV comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that could become dealbreakers for your trip. 

Pros of a Towable RV

Since towable RVs can attach and detach from your vehicle with relative ease, you’re not bound to it for the entire duration of your trip. So, when you get to camp and decide that you need extra supplies, you can simply unhitch and drive to the nearest store without worrying about a 3,000-pound extension on your trail. Because of this, you’ll also experience better gas mileage. 

Driveable RVs tend to guzzle gas faster than your average SUV or pickup truck, which isn’t a problem when you opt for a towable RV like the 2021 Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite 199DD

When you start to think about the maintenance and overall care for a towable RV, driveable RVs that need repairs can leave you stranded in a hotel or worse. Towable RVs in need of repairs will leave you with only your vehicle, but you’ll be able to move around more freely. 

Meanwhile, since towable RV’s don’t have an engine, that won’t cost you a pretty penny when it comes to repairs and replacement. 

Cons of a Towable RV

Probably the biggest con in renting a towable RV has to be the weight restrictions. If your pickup truck or SUV isn’t capable of towing a certain amount of weight, you’re out of luck. Most modern pickups and SUV can handle most RVs, but you’re going to have to do your due diligence to make sure that this will not be an issue for you. 

Another con is the hitching itself. Without experience, hitching an RV to your vehicle can be a real headache. If this is your first time renting a towable RV, you might want to opt for a driveable one instead. 

Driveable RVs

A driveable RV is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a home on wheels that you can drive from within that “home”. The engine, the wheels, and the cabin are all part of one unit that you can drive across town, the city, or the entire country with relative ease. 

Pros of a Driveable RV

A major pro of a driveable RV is the the spacious interior that most models offer. RVs, like the ​​ 2021 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 32.3 FLT11018, have more than enough room for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s), dining area, and more. With this space comes enough room for storage in the interior and exterior of the RV. 

You’ll also have a much easier time driving a driveable RV. Since it’s all one unit, you don’t have to worry about finding a compatible unit. You’ll be able to park with more ease and enjoy better visibility with the large windows and side-view mirrors. 

Cons of a Driveable RV

A big con of renting a driveable RV is the gas mileage. Big vehicles like this need a lot of gas to keep them running, and that could hurt your wallet. If cost is an issue, you may want to look elsewhere.

Driveable RVs also require a lot more maintenance than towable RVs. Some towables have bathrooms, but almost every driveable one has a bathroom. This means maintaining water tanks, emptying sewage, and ensuring that all the features are properly used. It can be tough work if you don’t know what you’re doing. Meanwhile, if you end up with some serious damage to your RV, you could end up stranded.

Your Choice in the End

In the end, your search for an RV rental near you will come down to what you need in your travels and what you’re willing to spend. Travelcamp RV has plenty of options to choose from, though.