When it comes to RVs, there are three distinct rental classes to consider: Classes A, B, and C. 

Class A RVs are what you might first think of when you think of an RV — a large, bus-style motorhome that can come with any amenity in existence. 

Class B RVs are smaller, taking the form of a converted van, perfect for those who prefer to spend more time outdoors than in their RV. 

The mix between those two classes is the Class C. If your RV rental is a Class C, you’ll need to know a few things before setting out on the open road.

What Is a Class C RV?

A Class C RV is a motorhome that comes built with a cab or cut-away chassis. This means that the part where you drive is somewhat separate from your living space, unlike a Class A. The interior of the cab/cut-away chassis looks like any other van out there with seats, a dashboard, and doors. It’s similar in appearance to your everyday vehicle, which is part of what makes it a popular RV rental. 

What Makes A Class C RV Better Than Other RV Rentals?

There are plenty of reasons why RV renters may choose a Class C over any other class. They can come down to cost, size, necessity, or even availability. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why Class C RVs continue to be the most popular RV rental and why you should consider a Class C on your next trip.


One of the biggest draws of the Class C is its drivability. Class C RVs offer a lot in terms of storage size, but their overall footprint is smaller than most RVs. While you’ll still be driving a vehicle that’s much larger than the average truck or SUV, it’s significantly smaller in size when compared to some Class A RVs. It’s the perfect RV rental for first-timers, especially if you don’t have a strong enough vehicle to tow something like a large trailer or fifth-wheel RV. 

Space for Value

While a Class A RV will feature more space than any Class B or C, Class Cs have a great amount of space for their value. With the added space for sleeping above the cab, you can comfortably sleep anywhere from four to six people in most Class Cs. 

Speaking of sleeping space: In most Class B RVs and trailers, there’s really only room for the mattress itself and not much else. In most Class Cs, on the other hand, you can fit a queen bed and its accompanying nightstands, in addition to walking space. 


Since Class C RVs are built like vans, they offer you more safety while you are on the road. If you were to get in a crash, the engine would absorb most of the impact, and you would be less likely to sustain any injuries since Class Cs have more airbags than a Class A RV. 

Another safety feature allows you to easily maneuver between driving and relaxing in your RV. Once you pull up to your spot for the night, you don’t have to brave the outdoors. All you need to do is park your RV and slide out of your seat into the living area.

Water Supply

​​A big feature in most Class Cs is the size of the water tanks that come along with them. You’ll enjoy the capabilities that oversized freshwater, black water, and gray water tanks can bring. For example, you’ll be able to spend days at your absolute favorite vacation spot without having to worry about constantly searching for utilities to refill. 

Finding the Right Class C RV for You

Whatever drives you to rent a Class C, rest assured that you can find the best on the market at Travelcamp. where you can browse all of our rentals based on a location closest to you. There are plenty of floorplans and varieties to choose from that will feature all the best that Class C RV rentals have to offer and more.