Gulfstream has been a staple brand in the RV world. With a variety of classes and models that you can choose from, a focus on quality and comfort is always present. The Gulfstream Ameri-Lite offers two classes of incredible travel trailers: the Ultra-Lite and the Super Lite.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at the 2022 Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL model

Gulfstream Ameri-Lite Standard Construction Features

Just like this specific Gulfstream RV model, all Ameri-Lite travel trailers are remarkably affordable. They are simple, but also comfortable, lightweight, and easy to tow. 

This particular Gulfstream Ameri-Lite model (the 236RL) is also considered an Ultra-Lite Gulfstream model. That means that every single Ultra-Lite Gulfstream RV model comes with the following standard features:

  • A 3-year limited warranty on standard components
  • Strong roof decking
  • Fiberglass insulation all throughout the walls of the RV
  • A roof built to control water run-off
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Full-width steel outriggers offering the best in strength quality

While the construction of an RV plays a major role in the use of any RV, it’s only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL. 

Standard Interior Furnishings and Decor

Aside from the overall construction of an RV, most RV enthusiasts look more to the interior of the RV when making their decision to rent/purchase the RV. The interior of the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL is designed to give you the best value for comfort and quality. Around the interior of this Gulfstream Ameri-Lite, you’ll find the following features:

  • White vinyl ceilings
  • Easy-care vinyl walls
  • Beautiful cabinetry, all with designer drawers and doors
  • Hardwood cabinetry

When you are looking at the furnishings, you will find that the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL also comes with:

  • A dinette with booths
  • A queen bed with an included bedspread
  • A dinette slide-out (236RL)

Standard Kitchen and Bathroom Features

Not having a kitchen and a bathroom in your RV can be a dealbreaker. Luckily, the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL comes with both, and they have incredible features. 

In the kitchen, you’ll find: 

  • A power range hood with lighting
  • A six-cubic-foot, two-door refrigerator and freezer
  • A three-burner gas stove

As far as the bathroom goes, the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite comes with:

  • A toilet with foot-flush 
  • A vent and skylight
  • A walk-in shower that comes with a glass door
  • An included shower curtain

Exterior and Safety Standard Features

There’s a lot to look forward to on the exterior of your RV, as well. The 2022 Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL has standard exterior features that make RV living easier and more comfortable. The Ameri-Lite comes with pass-thru storage and safety windows as well as hefty 14-inch tires for those long and bumpy roads. This RV also has a diamond-plate lower front so you won’t have to worry about any particularly nasty bumps in the road.

Another aspect of this RV is the added air conditioning package. It can be a major plus to have an RV that’s cool and comfortable when you’re coming back from a hot, sweaty day. You also won’t have to worry about making your own safety measures with this RV, because the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite comes with a wall-mount fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and safety Chains.

Optional and Upgradable Features

If you’re looking to purchase or rent the Gulfstream 236RL RV, you should know about what additional, optional features you can enjoy. These features are available for all Ultra-Lite RVs, in addition to the abovementioned standard features. They help make your RV experience more enjoyable and memorable for the whole family. 

So, if the standard features that come included with the Gulfstream Ameri-Lite aren’t enough, it can also come with added upgrades to make your RV experience even more enjoyable and comfortable. 

Some optional features to consider include:

  • LED interior lighting 
  • An electric awning for outdoor hangouts
  • Bluetooth radio and exterior speakers
  • Window shades for added privacy
  • A microwave oven
  • WiFi connections
  • Solar power prep
  • Backup camera prep
  • USB ports all throughout the RV
  • Frosted windows for the entry door
  • Beautiful backsplash for the kitchen
  • Skylight in the bathroom
  • Frosted glass cabinetry

Keeping Quality and Comfort in Mind with the Gulfstream-Ameri-Lite

It’s easy to see why the 2022 Gulfstream Ameri-Lite 236RL is one of the best models on the RV market. Consumers who purchase or rent this RV will be getting the best possible value in terms of comfort, quality, and utility. This is an RV that can easily sleep three to four people and can be the perfect RV to create lasting and wonderful memories. 

You can look on TravelCamp’s site for more information concerning what you can do with your Gulfstream Ameri-Lite, as well as how you can purchase this incredible RV model.