Don’t Wait To Go RVing In Retirement: 8 Reasons To Hit The Road Now

As a child growing up, I spent a lot of time attending weddings and funerals (my father was a minister). I always saw the stark contrast between those starting off on the rest of their life together and those whose lives always ended too soon. There were always things on their bucket list that they meant to do when they retired.

We are all bound by time and money. Sometimes we have the money and not the time, or we have the time and not the money. Or we have neither. On that special occasion when we have both, great things can happen. The nice thing about RVing is you don’t have to have a lot of either to get started, and you don’t have to wait to go RVing in retirement.

No matter where you are at in life, you must cover the basics. You need a roof over your head, you must pay utilities, and you need food and water. Why not in an RV?

Usually, it is the daily job that interferes or the fear of change. Here are 8 very good reasons to figure out how to overcome obstacles and go RVing now!

1. See family and friends more.

Whether you are full-timing, going RVing seasonally, or a weekend warrior, you are still going somewhere. This means picking where you want to be instead of being locked into a stationary home.

RVing gives you more flexibility to see family and friends. It also gives you an opportunity to meet new friends as you travel to your next destination. In the last few years, we have seen more family, stayed longer, and met more new friends than we have at any other time in our lives.

2. Check things off your bucket list.

When we lived in our brick-and-mortar home, I was constantly planning weekend getaways. I couldn’t get enough of traveling, seeing, and learning.

One of the things we had talked about doing for several years was going to Sturgis. We are avid motorcycle riders, and one thing or another had prevented us from going.

One of the first trips we planned in our RV was to Sturgis.  We were able to go earlier because we could stay longer, miss the crowds, and enjoy all the great roads on our motorcycles.

Is there a place you have always wanted to go that would be better if you could enjoy it off-season? An RV makes that possible.

3. Technology is enhancing.

It doesn’t matter how you RV, we all find ways that make tech an everyday utility for us. Whether it’s for staying in contact with family, working on the road or just for emergencies, we all need a phone and internet connection.

New resources are being added all the time that make it better. We are up to 5G cellular, Starlink satellite internet is available for mobile RVers, USBs are now being added to modern RVs, and the connections keep growing.  We can do more on the road today than even just two years ago.

4. There are more remote jobs now.

These days, there are so many remote jobs available, there is no need to wait to go RVing in retirement. One of the good outcomes of the pandemic is a lot of businesses learned you don’t need all employees coming into a central office.

There are so many remote jobs out there–even ones specifically related to being an RVer. You can use any job-hunting tool online now, and many of them have a feature to search for remote job options.

5. There is an RV for you.

Whether you want to RV with family, travel solo, or just work from your rig, there is a specialized unit for you. Manufacturers are on top of the trends and know what baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Zs are looking for.

Do you want to visit RV parks and resorts with hookups, or go boondocking off-the-grid in the middle of nowhere? Decide what kind of RVer you want to be and look for a rig that fits your needs.

ashwini chaudhary monty AL7wF9L3aik unsplash

6. Grow your hobbies.

I mentioned we enjoyed motorcycling. Even though we still work full-time, RVing has opened up so much time for our hobby as well. In our case, our hobbies also became an entrepreneurial avenue.

You may also find other groups that travel together so you can not only experience the RV life but also share another great interest together.

7. Many places are accessible.

The United States is one of the few countries that have accessibility laws to protect our chances of being able to enter and enjoy places with more freedom.

Unfortunately, aging and time do not go in reverse for any of us. So, get out there right now and enjoy what you can. Don’t be one of those people I heard sitting in a pew and lamenting they had so much more they wanted to do with their partner, family, or friends.

8. More memberships, more resources.

The resources available for RVers are more extensive than they were a year ago. Watching several months of RVing YouTube videos also helped us avoid a lot of mistakes getting started.  So, join a few groups, get on Facebook, and watch a lot of information videos.  These memberships and resources are a good support for getting on the road today.

One of the best parts about RVing is engaging with the community of traveling enthusiasts. iRV2 forums allow folks to chat with other RVers online, and get other perspectives on everything RVing, including products, destinations, RV mods, and more.